Providing you with fast, hassle-free mechanical equipment plans for easy permitting.

Mechanical equipment is critical for supplying buildings with heating, cooling, and power. With such a vital function, it is important to ensure this equipment can withstand the worst hurricanes and earthquakes Mother Nature has in its arsenal.

At Engineering Express, we offer engineering plans and product evaluations for equipment of all kinds, from the smallest Mini-Splits to the largest generator enclosures and commercial chillers. We also offer product evaluations for equipment supports, such as concrete pads, aluminum/steel stands and curbs, and more!

To provide you with a comprehensive solution, we provide all levels of certification, including Miami-Dade Notices of Approval, Florida Statewide Approvals, and Sealed Engineering across over 40 states for wind, seismic, missile impact, and cyclic certification.


Equipping you with reliable building blocks for smooth operations.

At Engineering Express, we have provided hundreds of structural certifications, approvals, evaluations, and more for mechanical equipment across the US. Our services include:

With over 20 years of experience in engineering, Engineering Express provides you with unprecedented service and cutting-edge technologies for all your engineering, product evaluation, and building envelope design needs, including mechanical equipment. Engineering Express is licensed in 43 states across the US, including 2 commonwealth licenses in Puerto Rico and DC. Your needs are always within our reach.

Whether you need a quick certified evaluation and plans for permit, a customized plan, or a unique solution for your mechanical unit needs, you can count on Engineering Express to deliver.

AC units

At Engineering Express, we understand that acquiring the best engineering plans can be a hassle. Our goal is to make engineering headaches a thing of the past, so we reinvented the process to deliver quality solutions in record time to you.

Our talented team of engineering design experts have decades of experience in this field & have been hand-selected among the top talent in the US.

We offer three solution methods to accommodate your engineering and structural needs: